Birdcage Walk - where is it?


Mention Birdcage Walk to Clifton residents, and many will say, "Ah, but it's not really in the churchyard, it's in Victoria Square".

This was the case originally, as this Vaughan postcard of Victoria Square from the late 1800s shows:

Victoria Square Birdcage Walk  early 20C Vaughan (43207_14_10) Bird Cage Walk, Victoria Square, 1890s    (Vaughan  postcard BRO43207/14/10)


whereas the path through the churchyard was known as  Church Walk, or  Church Avenue:

  Birdcage Walk 1900s Vaughan (43207_9_12_34_5)   

Church Avenue , 1900s   ( Vaughan postcard BRO43207/9/12/34/5)


or simply The Avenue:

  Birdcage Walk 1910s Vaughan (43207_14_16)

The Avenue, c. 1910    (Vaughan postcard BRO43207/14/16)

but Birdcage Walk seems to have been in use for the churchyard path by the early 1900s:

Birdcage Walk early 20C Vaughan (BRO 43207/14/11)

The Birdcage Walk, early 20th Century    ( Vaughan postcard BRO 43207/14/11) 


and by the 1930s the Vaughan postcards were giving both names to identical images:

Birdcage Walk 1933 Vaughan  (BRO 43207/14/12)    

Birdcage Walk, 1933     (Vaughan postcard BRO43207/14/12)


   Birdcage Walk or The Avenue 1933 Vaughan (43207_14_6)

The Avenue, 1930s    (Vaughan postcard BRO43207/14/6)


Birdcage Walk and Victoria Square now:

Birdcage Walk Autumn 2 IMG2286      Victoria Square 2022

 Which looks more like a birdcage?